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Telephone: 01761 451244


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Do you know about the increases to tax thresholds and rates due in April 2018?


As part of the 2018 budget, announced by The Chancellor on 22nd November last year, we see a raft of

increases in Tax Thresholds and Rates, starting 6th April 2018.


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Cashflow Forecasting

Cashflow is the biggest single cause of business failures.  A business can be profitable but still fail due to poor cash management.


Cash is the life-blood of any business.


Accurate cashflow forecasting can give you an indication of what your bank account will look like in three, six, nine or even twelve months’ time.  


It can help you plan for future growth.  


Conversely, it can highlight potential financial difficulties so they can be intercepted before they cause a serious problem.

If you would like to find out more about our outsourced Cashflow Forecasting service, or to discuss how Deadline can help your business, use the contact form and we'll get in touch.

A cashflow forecast should help you identify the areas where most of your money is being spent and highlight spikes so they can be planned for.  


It should give you an understanding of the level of sales you will require in order to meet your liabilities and it will tell you whether you can afford to employ that extra member of staff. Perhaps your business is seasonal so you need to prepare for peaks and troughs.


Deadline Accounting can help you put a cashflow forecast in place that will suit you and your business.  


You will be able to easily try out multiple scenarios and immediately see the effects they will have.


It shouldn’t only be large organisations that have financial planning.  If anything, it is even more important for smaller businesses to have a system in place as they are more likely to struggle to find the required cash when it is needed most, so put a plan in place today.

  • Plan for future cash requirements

  • Avoid any potential financial difficulties

  • Identify shortfalls

  • Satisfy external stakeholders

  • Uncover bad payers

  • Negotiate better credit terms with suppliers

  • Review processes for collecting bad debt

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